The Do’s and Don’ts of Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies can strike quickly or progress over several days or even months. Actually, not every dental crisis will produce the symptoms you expect, such as the terrible pain most people can relate with.

Here we review some important patient dos and avoid guidelines for emergency dental treatment.

A lost tooth shouldn’t be carried around in a pocket

Although losing a tooth is definitely a dental emergency, equally crucial is what you should do next after it has been lost. Before scheduled for your emergency dentist visit, try to find the tooth. This is crucial since depending on the circumstances, your teeth can often be reattached.

The next rule is never ever to place your teeth in a pocket, purse, or envelope.

One should not pick up a knocked-out tooth from the roots

When picking up a knocked-out tooth from the “biting” end instead of the root, exercise great caution. The root end tissue of your tooth will help to fuse it back into position.

Just lightly wash your teeth

Rinse your tooth gently, if at all possible, without touching the root end, scraping it, or using soap. Giving it a little water wash before submerging it into milk or water without first drying it will help to maintain its integrity in the simplest way.

Press to stop bleeding

If bleeding comes from an accident, rinse the blood away, and then, should the region still be bleeding, apply pressure with a fresh, cool washcloth. Try to have a good upright posture to avoid choking on the blood.

Kindly try to collect fragments of broken teeth

If the break looks to be clean, bring the broken tooth fragment straight to the dentist’s office. Usually, the tooth fragment can be restored and reattached.

Never ignore a toothache

Even a periodic toothache could point to a serious dental issue. Should you bring up the discomfort to your dentist, they might wish you to see it right away for an assessment. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to acquire a far more severe, major problem.

Stay away from aspirin

If you are bleeding especially, this is quite important. As aspirin thins the blood, it could aggravate the problem. If you have an option, go for paracetamol. Cold compresses can also help you be comfortable until you see your dentist.

Ignore Nothing Stuck Between Your Teeth

Don’t decide you’ll just ignore it if you can feel anything caught between your teeth but can’t manage to get it out with floss; this can cause infection. Steer clear of trying to eliminate it with sharper objects as well. Instead, call your dentist and schedule a visit so they may correctly remove the object using the suitable instruments.

The best course of action is always to call your dentist whether you have any questions regarding changes to your oral condition or suffer a dental emergency.


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